Affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi


Admission Procedure


1. Parents seeking admission for their ward must complete prescribed Application Forms for Admission, which is available from the
School Office.
2. The completed Application Form for Admission must be submitted to the School Office, with :
(a) Student's passport size photograph.
(b) Photostate copy of the result of last school examination appeared.
(c) Photostate copy of birth certificate for admission to classes Nursery to Class I.
(d) Enrollment fee and entrance test fee (The fee is non refundable). (Acceptance of the Admission Form does not guarantee admission).
3. The subjects for written test are English, Mathematics and Hindi of the appropriate class level in which admission is sought.
No written entrance test is required for admission to Nursery, K.G. and Prep.
4. The duly stamped and filled identity card must be brought at the time of entrance test/ interaction without fail.
5. Based on the performance in the written test, students will be called for interaction with parents.
6. Based on the written test and interaction, students are granted admission subject to vacancy.
7. Names of the students who have been granted admission will be placed on the School Board on the specified dated given in
the Date Schedule.
8. Admission will be revoked at a later date in event incorrent information is submitted to the School.

1. The student must be on the merit list of the evaluation process conductd at Vidyasthali Public School.
2. The student must be medically fit as per the prescribed School standard.
3. The School reserves the right to grant admission.


On grant of admission to the school, the following are to be submitted.
1. Student's Registration Form duly completed, affixed with passport size photograh.
2. School Leaving Certificate (Original) of the last school attended.
3. Certified Copy of Annual Report of the last school attended.

1. The details of fee payable by the parents/students are enclosed with the registration form.
2. The term fee is payable up to 10th day of the month. After that a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged.
3. No fee is refundable.

A parent wishing to withdraw his/her ward should apply on the prescribed form and pay Rs. 50/- as withdrawal fee. School leaving
certificate examination progress card will not be issued unless all the dues of the school have been paid upto date.

Through comprehensive and balanced coupled with challenging exercises, the School's focus is to develop individual talents of the students and teach them to relate the experiences of the Classroom to the realities of the world outside. The students are trained to become critical and compassionate thinkers, informed participants in the local and world affairs, respecting the variety of cultures and attitudes, which add richness to life.

During the early years of development, schedules and programmes are planned to create learners out of young children. The use of effective instructional materials and equipments helps to mature their motor adn mental skills. The surroundings within and outside classrooms makes their lessons meaningful and enjoyable, initiating in the child the love for learning. Challenges that stimulate abilities are throuwn open for physical, mental and emotional development.



The curriculum emphasizes on School Readiness Programmes and promotes healthy habits among children. Areas of study in these Classes are languages (English and Hindi), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science and Computer Literacy. Students are encouraged to be more participative. The contest is drawn from the immediate environment and strategies are adopted to enhance skills of observation, collection, classification, experimentation, estimation, prediction and drawing inferences. Evaluation at this stage takes place in a stress-free and learner friendly environment on a continuous basis, ensuring comprehensiveness and transparency.


The Middle School Classes emphasise on skills of learning. The approach is of integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and thematic teaching of Social Sciences. Learning of languages accentuates the art of listening, speaking, reading and writing leading to communication skills with grammatical accuracy and appropriateness of style. Computer expertise is acquired to deal with Technology Aided Learning environment of today. Music, Art, Health and Physical Education are treated as co-scholastic areas to develop aesthetics and finer qualities of the students. The evaluation is in the form of continuous internal testing and terminal examinations. The student’s achievement is graded accordingly.


The syllabus is planned in a manner that helps the student acquire skills to apply theoretical knowledge in his day-to-day life prepares him to be a life long learner. Projects and activities are integral part of this curriculum. Learning areas include; Languages (English, Hindi), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education. Teaching is through projects, presentations, group discussions, workshops and seminars. Testing and examinations are regular and rigorous and in accordance with the CBSE pattern.


In today's world of globalization education is marked by competitiveness and challenges. The curriculum designed for these classes reflects due care and high standards. Since the interests and aptitudes of the students do stabilize to a great extent, by this time, they are therefore provided the opportunities to study the subjects of their choice. The learning areas are English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Informatics Practices, Physical Education. Other subjects can be introduced provided a minimum 10 students opt for the subject. the pedagogy at this level stress on critical thinking, intellectual understanding, information processing, decision making and problem solving ability. Quality improvement and curriculum renewal is an on going process at Vidyasthali, and it is responsive to the continuous changing needs and aspirations of the society.